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Focus on Branding and Brand Development

Successful brands are built on a unique point of differentiation that is strongest when reinforced by all elements of the guest experience. Whether the goal is to develop an entirely new restaurant brand, increase sales and profitability or maximize marketing opportunities, it is Backhouse’s mission to translate the brand positioning across a concept’s food, beverage, facility and service strategies.

Back House Marketing can work closely with a client’s agency and designer or can provide seasoned experts to create and manage the brand’s execution in the following ways:

  • Brand Identity (Logos, Color Palette, Typography, Signage, Brand Style Guide)
  • Identification of Core Values
  • Brand Discovery (Setting the Vision, Articulating the Values, Defining the Culture)
  • Brand Strategy (Positioning, Brand Story, Naming Systems)
  • Brand Experience (Website, Collateral, Guest Experience)

Branding must answer the high

calling of being both memorable and unique to your business or individual venture. It is what makes you, you. It is the single most important design item we create in the entire design process. It is also very often one of the most time consuming things we do as graphic designers.

When we create your branding and identity we ask some basic questions which we answer as we create your branding. Here are some things you need to think about when you prepare to have us create your branding

Who are you and what are you going to be marketing?

Who is your competition and what does their branding look like?

Who are you marketing to?

What are your key customer demographics?

What are your favorite colors, fonts and image type ideas?

Why are you creating your branding and identify?

How do you plan to use your branding?

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