Restaurant Branding & Advertising Services

“Identity, Awareness, Experience and Loyalty”

Restaurants are not just serving food, it deliver’s “brands!”

In order to stand out in the market, your restaurant needs to deliver a unique experience that catches the emotion of the every single customer. Remember! The success of the restaurant is determined by the increasing number of repeat customers.
At Back House, we have been cooking our brains to produce a complete 360 degree service, keeping the restaurant owner at the center of its architecture. Thus, our new innovative and reliable service covers all the touch points that are required for your restaurant that includes Identity, Awareness, Experience and Loyalty.

BRAND IDENTITY – The visibiliy of your brand!

BRAND AWARENESS – Get’s you the brand recall!

BRAND EXPERIENCE – A digital experience for your brand!

BRAND LOYALTY – Keep the circles moving!

How Can We Help You?

Here are the services we provide that bring a new meaning to MarketingYou™.


Restaurant Branding & Marketing

Your job is to enjoy running your restaurant. You should not be losing sleep over keeping up with your social media inquiries, yelp, google reviews, online ad campaigns, tabletop marketing and more. With several years experience and a lot of success to prove it, Back House Marketing, can take over and manage your restaurant’s marketing and relevant website updates and other tweaks monthly for an ongoing basis.

Brand Strategy & Development Process

Your brand is the promise you make to your target audience (prospects and customers), the experience they have with your company, the personality that is perceived and the messages you convey. This goes beyond just the creative elements of your brand such as the logo design, the color palette, you tagline and other visual elements.Your brand lives in the actual interaction and experience of your target audience.

Comprehensive Brand Marketing Services

Successful brands are built on a unique point of differentiation that is strongest when reinforced by all elements of the guest experience. Whether the goal is to develop an entirely new restaurant brand, increase sales and profitability or maximize marketing opportunities, it is Back House Marketing mission to translate the brand positioning across a concept’s food, beverage, facility and service strategies.

Providing All Advertising Services & Materials

Back House Marketing will be responsible for providing all the launch materials, website and advertising for the new restaurant and also to provide ongoing materials, menus, posters and advertising whenever you need from time to time on ongoing basis also you just focus on the cooking be tension free and let digital marketing plan handled by us on monthly basis for ongoing life support like a family.

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