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New Concept Development Restaurant Consulting

With Back House Marketing, developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with Synergy’s experience and industry expertise.

Back House Marketing works to fully understand your thoughts and objectives, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest food trends, growing markets and successful concepts in every service category and cuisine, we will research and recommend a list of “must-see” competitive and on-trend concepts in specific markets. Each restaurant on the tour is carefully selected to provide unique learnings—from pricing strategy and décor to service touch points—and to survey the existing restaurant landscape and any potential voids in the market.

Throughout the “Discovery Tour,” Synergy provides conceptual, operational and financial insights, sharing high-level strategies and big ideas that will enable your restaurant to have a unique competitive edge. In an effort to define your restaurant—its food, service and design strategies; check averages, dayparts and much more—you will then experience a brand positioning and strategic planning session to define as a group a viable restaurant brand that connects with guests and boasts a financial model that works.

Some of the deliverables typically produced by this process are:

  • Concept Book
  • Financial Model
  • Business Plan
  • Space Plan
  • Investor Pitch Deck

Research & Development

It takes a whole lot more than just a good idea to create a successful restaurant. Strategic planning supported with accurate and up to date research raise the probability of success. It’s your hard earned dollars that we will save just by doing our homework. Get Back House Marketing Concepts on your team and increase your efficiency, creativity, and profitability with our proven systems.

It takes a whole lot more than just a good idea to create a successful restaurant. Strategic planning supported with accurate and up to date research raise the probability of success. Our team will analyze the market place with statistical information provided by data centers and public archives. We will structure a plan to suit the goals attainable within your specific market. Traffic counts, age and income demographics, market saturation and depth, competition, and a host of other variables come into play. We will analyze growing trends within the restaurant industry for your area. That’s why your choice for the correct source of information regarding the restaurant industry is no small decision. It’s your hard earned dollars that we will save just by doing our homework. Customer satisfaction expectations will vary from area to area. We will analyze customer expectations with respect to service, value, ambiance, menu appeal, and more. Customer demographics, visit frequency, and spending habits are just a few. This research will give your business a “Back House Marketing” advantage in a variety of areas. Will potential guests look positively to your new restaurant concept? Do your menu items reflect “Back House Marketing ” consumer trends? What is the maximum amount your customers will pay for you items? Could you be under-charging? With “Back House Marketing ” research, you won’t have to guess.

Starting a new concept is tough enough in the restaurant business without trying to go-it alone.. Don’t make that mistake. Get Back House Marketing on your team and increase your efficiency, creativity, and profitability with our proven systems. While selecting a site, we will not only research the many locations available in the marketplace today, but we will give you the information you need to make an educated decision weather to build out a completely new structure or lease and refurbish an existing one. Whether you need to have that drive-by visibility to succeed or do just fine as a destination location. Your budget and estimated return on investment really comes into play when making these decisions. Back House Marketing will assure that you minimize your risk by taking into account your target audience, demographic mix, competition, population trends, traffic counts and patterns and more. Real estate agents will give you a bias opinion while trying to sell you a site. We will give you a realistic, objective evaluation as to the possibilities of the location.

Restaurant Creation
For brand new concept start-ups, we will work with you to mold your ideas into a complete, viable concept. From the initial building design to the very first day you open, we will work with you, side by side until you make your first deposit after opening day.
For older slightly stale or stagnant concepts or multi-unit operations, Back House Marketing will creatively assist you while updating and overhauling your concept, without destroying the existing loyal customer base you have worked hard to achieve.
Concepts come and go. The Concepts that survive and prosper over the long term are the flexible ones that are in a constant state of change and modification. We here at Back House Marketing are tuned in to newest “Back House Marketing” trends in the restaurant industry.

Back House Marketing is the perfect match for anyone looking to turn their dreams of opening a restaurant into a reality. We work with you through the entire process from Idea creation through the design and construction details. We make it easy because you only have to work with one partner; a partner which will be with you every step of the way. A Pro Forma is a necessity do determine if the concept is actually viable. When the Pro Forma is completed with care and attention to detail, it will serve as the ultimate decision maker whether to actually move forward with the concept or scrap it for another. It will give us the ability to forecast and plan the funding of the project as well as the ability to set goals moving forward. Our Pro Forma is designed with care which does not just take in the variables of industry nationwide, but examines the local market to make adjustments that are specific to the area in which the business will operate. Our very talented staff are foodservice industry specialists, just like the big chain restaurants, we will incorporate your restaurant’s concept and branding into the complete design from the atmosphere and logo, to the Menu and website, to in- store promotional materials, and signage. During concept development, we help consult with the design or redesign of restaurants from a marketing perspective. This can be as simple as a small “face-lift” or as complex as a complete build up. We work with only the best architects in the business. It is a fact that most of the busiest and most successful restaurants are chains. The reason for this success is that costumers know what they are getting when entering a chain restaurant. There is no guess work. Chains are successful because they are consistent. Everything about the chains branding says “quality” and “consistency”. We at Back House believe that many times, the closer a small private restaurant can mirror a chain restaurant as perceived by the customer, the better chance the small entrepreneur will have at success. Many of our independent, single operation unit clients have achieved this “Chain” restaurant feel and have experienced great success. Many of our clients have told us that their customers are frequently asking “How many stores do you have?” and “Where are they located?” It is no myth that the attention should be paid to the details. As you can see in our portfolio and success stories, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to detail. The theme must run throughout all aspects of the operation. Yet in keeping with the goals of the concept design, we are able to achieve the maximum creative results under an affordable budget. We are experts in maximizing the use of each and every dollar spent to achieve the most out of the concept. Remember, it is a complete dining experience which touches all the senses! The concept must be the veins in which the life blood of the idea is spread throughout each facet of the operation. And to create an extremely successful concept, every facet of the operation must contain elements of, and relate back to the theme!

When creating or revamping a restaurant concept, the menu can be the single most important marketing tool. The menu is the leading indicator of what the concept is trying to portray. The menu is an extension of the entire vision of the concept. Every aspect of the brand should be considered when designing the menu. At Back House Marketing, our culinary development team works to achieve a menu that reflects the overall marketing strategy and a menu that captures the essence of your restaurant theme.
Restaurant Menu Consulting
Our Culinary team will work with restaurant operators to achieve the exact “vision” of the establishment. We work with you not only to create the menu items, but also mouthwatering, creative names and verbiage, the recipes, the recipe spec books including photos of each item and the plate presentation, as well as training your staff on the importance of consistency. Of course at McGuigan Concepts, we also specialize at creating a bar inventory and menu as well. Let the Back House Marketing team develop your culinary needs and help you to create a menu that will further define your brand and make your concept a success.

Back House Marketing will help you to create the perfect menu items to compliment your marketing strategy. We have a database of thousands of tried and proven recipes from around the world. If you have an idea for a new food item, we can perfect the recipe in our test kitchen. Every menu item will be professionally prepared, plated, and samples by you and our panel and undergo our critical F.A.C.T. testing. This is a Back House Marketing test that assures the most important attributes of each menu item are met for Flavor-Appearance-Consistency- and Texture. Back House Marketing will help you analyze all recipe ingredients for quantity, quality and price, assuring you are purchasing the best possible product and best value for your dollar.


The choice of a new concept development for a restaurant is a very personal one, which may initially be influenced by the market opportunity which encouraged the new venture, or which may be a reflection of the investor, the owner or the chef.

But the design can also have an impact on the overall profitability, as design deficiencies will affect the operation of the restaurant and ultimately have a negative impact on the bottom line and the asset value.

This is particularly important when a restaurant chooses to refresh its concept, as all successful establishments need to, after a period of time.

New Market Analysis

  • Visit the prospective market and surrounding areas to survey and complete a competitive review of restaurant offerings in the market to determine with owner the “right” food and beverage product offerings for the marketplace
  • Review demographic information and establish target market for the concept

F&B Concept Development and Financial Analysis

  • Prepare a written concept description for the recommended food and beverage offerings to be included in the Project
  • Prepare a one-page summary financial pro forma model for the food and beverage operations based on capacity and revenue analyses, a 10-year projection and a sensitivity analysis

Overall Design and F&B Integration

  • Work with Client and Client’s architects and designers on the overall design and layout of the entire Project, including,but not limited to, the F&B components
  • Work with Client, architects and designers to integrate the F&B components into such overall design and layout
  • Work with Client, architects and General Contractor on the preparation and management of the construction and FF&E budgets for the F&B components


  • Develop Opening marketing and promotional campaign
  • Coordinate all aspects of public relations (PR) and advertising campaigns leading up to the Opening
  • Develop annual marketing and paid media plans for restaurant
  • Develop annual PR plans for the restaurant, possibly utilizing third party public relations agency
  • Work with design agency to create all collateral materials such as menus, point of purchase materials and promotional materials


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