Restaurant Turnarounds

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Restaurant Turnaround Services

Stabilizing a single-unit operation or turning around a drifting chain requires a combination of restaurant management experience, operations expertise, financial and marketing services and focused restaurant management leadership.

The Back House Marketing team brings a proven system for developing management accountability, cost control systems, sales-building initiatives and debt restructuring strategies, all essential components to successful restaurant turnarounds. Our restaurant management approach creates a unified call to action among team members to execute according to sound strategies, and provides implementation support to guarantee that turnaround goals are achieved.

  • Concept Assessment
  • P&L Analysis
  • Management Assessment
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Interim Management Team
  • Debt Relief Strategies
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Food & Beverage Programs



Our primary goal is to assist our clients in developing, evaluating and implementing the best strategic alternatives to maximize value. Affording the restaurant unit an opportunity to recover requires the renegotiation of debt both secured and unsecured, creation of a debt strategy and vendor management to ensure continued product and services. Creating immediate increases in cash flow through the release of historic debt obligations can provide the buffer needed for a restaurant to turnaround.


A broad range of capabilities are offered to assist clients with timely resolutions to organizational difficulties. Helping stabilize operations and reposition a company for success. We focus on bringing order to often chaotic or unorganized situations. Offered in partnership with existing management and/or ownership or as an interim replacement taking the immediate steps obtain a clear picture of the situation, understand the problem and execute the solution. Our substantial situational experience and strategic insight, provides a pathway to stability and resolution of the challenges.


We assist our clients in developing a detailed understanding of their organizations operations and the key underperforming areas. The key to greater profitability is the implementation of an in store Restaurant Revenue Management Strategy that can utilize sales and volume data to determine potential challenges and underutilization.


A successful unit requires a bible that can be trained to new or existing staff. Maximizing revenue is about investing in systems and processes not individuals. Should you choose to grow, all units irrespective of demographics or location will benefit and produce the expected result. The creation of operations, procedure and training manuals ensure consistency and control of the brand and the execution of the concept correctly. The creation of manuals combined with a well-executed training program mitigates the risk of rogue managers, substandard customer service, potential legal implications and allows the brand to blossom.


We provide due diligence and transactional support to operators in a variety of situations. We assist in developing a complete picture of the financial realities of the target business and the opportunities or exit strategies required. For many operators, ensuring a continued and maximum return on investment is the exit strategy. Ensuring not only a profitable brand today but ensuring long term concept sustainability. Other operators are seeking sale, acquisition, growth, franchising, licensing or the creation of secondary and tertiary revenue opportunities


Our litigation support provides services to counsel in all phases of litigation from discovery through trial. We provide oral, written and witness testimony. We provide debtors significant bankruptcy and insolvency (out of court) services to ensure a successful exit.

So, when is a turnaround complete? When can the turnaround professional declare victory and go home? While the goalposts have clearly moved, the turnaround process is still all about risk. It is through understanding, identifying, reducing, managing, and monitoring risk that the turnaround process occurs.


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